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Sinclair Radionics - Differences between System 2000 Mk 2 and System 3000 amplifiers

Around 1970, the 2000 amplifier was redesigned. The redesign was available as the System 2000 Mark 2 and as the System 3000. Circuits of these were very similar! Unfortunately I do not have the details of the System 3000, only of the 2000 and a page detailing the differences. This page lists the main differences, as below - but this is partly guesswork.

I believe the circuit was printed on the reverse of the instruction card - if you have a copy, please let me know.

Feature System 2000 System 3000
Transformer 20-0-20v 25v (?)
Rectifier 2 diodes Bridge rectifier
C24 2000µ 30v 1000µ 63v
Power supply No stabilizer Stabilised
S7 (Mute) Absent Present
Power neon Absent Present
SKT7 (Phones) Absent Present

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