4000 series CMOS ICs

I am still listing stock, so the list may get added to.

Prices of these devices are negotiable, so initially I am open to offers. Why not make an offer for the lot? Please use the contact button at top.

NumberDevicePackageQty availableManufacturerNotes
4011HCF4011BEDIL 1421ST
4013HCF4013BEDIL 1414ST
4049TC4049BPDIL 16 91Toshiba
4051TC4051BPDIL 16 20Toshiba
4510HCF4510BEDIL 16 4ST
4511CS4511BEDIL 16 8H
4516MK4516N-10DIL 16 4Mostek
4585HEF4585BPDIL 1424Philips
40106HCF40106BEDIL 1423ST

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