8 Bit micro ICs for sale and free

This list is currently being populated so is far from complete.

Prices of these devices are negotiable. Please use the contact button at top.

Many (most) of these devices wer aquired in a job lot from a person who used to subcontract work for Control Universal of Cambridge. Some of them are relevant to Acorn's CUBE 6502 microcomputer. Some of them are BBC Microcomputer parts.

Good sources for data sheets on these devices are the Radio Museum and 6502.org

NumberQty availableManufacturerPinsNotes
HD14681 P3Hitachi24?
TMM201611Toshiba 2048-word x 8bit high-speed CMOS static RAM
SRM2016 C151 24
AM276431AMD EEPROM. These have been pre-programmed
and bear labels e.g. MOS F3.1 or MOS B3.3
3 are labelled NFS 3.34 (Network Filing System for BBC micro)
TMS340611Texas68 flatpak
WD37C65-PL2Western Digital40Floppy Disk controller
Bt453KP666  CMOS 256x24/12 Color RAMDAC
MK48Z02B-251MOSTEK24Zeropower RAM
SAA50501Teletext character generator28
TC5516AP-215Toshiba RAM, 2048x8 bit CMOS
TC5565PL-1520Toshiba RAM, 8192x8 bit CMOS
HM6116 LP-41Hitachi24
 650224Var The original 6502 Microprocessor
 652239  VIA as used in BBC Micro (Versatile Interface Adaptor)
R655142  ACIA (Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter)
MC68000 L101Motorola6832 Bit Microcontroller
HD68000 81Hitachi6832 Bit Microcontroller
HD68000 Y86Hitachi68 PGA32 Bit Microcontroller
HD68P01V051Hitachi40Microcontroller, has 30 pin socket piggy-backing it
EF68B0922Thomson 6809 Microcontroller
F685 P1 24?
F68B541 28Advanced Data Link Controller, 6800 series
SAA70301 24
MB8417-202F (Japan)28
EF93664Thomson Graphics Display processor

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