Analogue Integrated Circuits for sale

This list is currently being populated so is far from complete.

Prices of these devices are negotiable. Please use the contact button at top.

Specifications where quoted are for guidance only: full specifications for most analogue ICs can be obtained by a www search.

PrefixNumberDevicePackageQty availableManufacturerStagesFunctionNotesPrice
TL071TL071DIL 83Texas1BiFet opamp
TL074TL074DIL 141Texas4Opamp
DAC0800 NDAC0800 NDIL 162National2DAC
MC1339 PMC1339 PDIL 142Motorola2Stereo Preamp 1.5
LM13700LM13700DIL 164National2Operational Transconductance amp
TCA280 ATCA280 ADIL 161? General purpose trigger circuit
LM2917 NLM2917 NDIL 149National Frequency to Voltage converter
CA3080CA3080TO 396 + 3RCA2Operational Transconductance amp3 with short leads
LM311LM311SIL 8 20National1Voltage comparator
CA3140 ECA3140 EDIL 835RCA1Bifet Op-Amp
CA3280CA3280DIL 1677+17RCA2Operational Transconductance amp17 ex equipment
LM339LM339DIL 14149Var4Voltage comparatorEx-equipment
LF351LF351DIL 815National1BiFet opamp
LM383LM383TO220 5 lead1National1Power amp
UC3843UC3843DIL 83ST1PWM controller
LM392LM392DIL 8850National1 + 1Op amp + comparatorAll are ex-equipment. A useful chip contain one LM324 type op-amp and one LM339 style comparator
LM393LM393DIL 82Motorolla2Comparator
CA301CA301DIL 830RCA Op amp2 are LM301
ZN409ZN409DIL 141PS Servo Amp
ZN428ZN428DIL 161Ferranti1Digital to Analog converter
NE531 VNE531 VDIL 81RS1OpAmp, High slew rateDevice is RS 305-872
NE567NE567DIL 81RS Audio: PLL tone decoderRS No 307-294
LM6361LM6361DIL 73National1OpAmp
LM629LM629DIL 281National Motion controller
CA741CA741DIL 81350RCA2Dual op-amphalf are ex-eqiupment, see note
AD7528AD7528DIL 204AD2Digital to Analog converter, 8 bit
UA759UA759(TO220)1Fairchild1Power op-amp
ICL8038ICL8038DIL 142RS Waveform generatorRS No 305-844

NOTE: The CA741 op-amp ICs have been tested for noise. These were used in an audio mixing desk where low noise was essential in the early stages. They are then colour-coded with a paint spot to indicate noise level. They are in tubes of 50. Just under half have not been soldered. 700 or so have been pulled from boards during testing and were re-tested for noise.

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