BBC computer Software, ROMs, Books etc

This list is currently being populated so is far from complete.

Prices of these items are negotiable. Please use the contact button at top.

I have a large selection of BBC Microcomputer software, literature etc. Some of it is listed here.

BBC ROM Software

HCR Electronics1284 Micron +EEPROM ProgrammerYesYes With programmer.
 ADE+65C00 Series AssemblerYes
 ADE+ Linker/MMU Yes
 ADFS 1.3 Yes  2 off
 Altra Editor Yes
 Barcode 1.4 Yes
 Basic 1984 Yes
AcornSoftBasic Editor YesYes
 Caretaker Yes
 DFS Update Yes
 Disc DoctorDisc sector editorYes
Watford ElectronicsDumpout 3Printer Dump RomAskYes
AcornEdbinBinary file editorAskYes
 Exmon IIMachine code monitor/assemblerYesYes
Computer ConceptsGraphics ROM AskYes
AcornSoftGXRGraphics Extension ROMYesReference card
Computer ConceptsInterWordWord ProcessorYesYes
 Micron+EEPROM programmerYesYes Programmer hardware also
 Scales IMP-2 Yes
 SMS Yes  2 off
MinervaSystem DeltaRelational DatabaseYesYesYesBoxed
 Toolkit Yes  2 off
AcornSoftViewWord ProcessorYesYes With reference card
AcornSoftView Printer driver generator  Yes
AcornSoftViewSheetSpreadSheetYesYes 2 off. With reference card
AcornSoftViewStoreDatabaseYesYes With reference card
AcornSoftViewstore 1.2DatabaseYes  With reference card
Beau-JollyFive 5 Star games for ElectronGames  Tape
PineapplePCBPrinted Circiuit DesignAskYes
Linear GraphicsLintrackPCB designerAskYes

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