I have the following books for sale: prices have now yet been decided, so make me an offer.
Marcus' - Modern Electronic Circuits Reference Book £30.00
A large book published in 1960 with, I quote,
Over 3,600 modern electronic circuits, each complete with values of all parts etc."
It has 1238 pages and a comprehensive index. It also includes an author index - my only quoted circuit is on page 1164. But I have many more circuits on
RS Data library
3 volumes looseleaf bound.
W D Day - Introduction to Vector Analysis for Radio and Electronic Engineers.
Published 1966
David J Comer - Introduction to Semiconductor Circuit Design
Transistors, amplifiers, switches and logic circuits, other semiconductor devices, power supplies etc.
W Crawford Dunlap Jr - An Introduction to Semiconductors
Crystals, atomic theory, electrons, protons, semiconductors, doping holes etc etc.
G N Patchett - Electronic Power Supplies
A lot of good theory, including regulators.
H Page - Principles of Aerial Design
A good book, which also goes into the mathematics
Sydney E. Smith - Telephony and Telegraphy. An Introduction to instruments and exchanges.
A simple introduction, quite readable.
J Atkinson - Telephony volume 1 : General Principles and Manual Exchange systems £40.00
1970 (first published 1947). This was the telephone engineer's Bible in the days of Strowger Exchanges so it is now of historical interest. Of course the basic principles remain the same.
J Atkinson - Telephony volume 2 : Automatic Exchange Systems £40.00
1968. The second part, first published 1950.

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