Diodes for sale

This list is currently being populated so is far from complete.

These are generally vintage types, so hard to replace.

Prices of these devices are negotiable. Please use the contact button at top.

Specifications where quoted are for guidance only: full specifications for most of these devices can be obtained by a www search.

Number PackageQty availableManufacturerVrIf (cont) ANotes
1Z13zener diodeDO122IR13 1W Top hat metal case
25JPF10Dual diode, common AnodeTO3P7IR 25
26MB40Bridge rectifierMB-252IR40025
5B2Bridge rectifier 1IR2005
5D6  26IR
BA121Varicap 7TFK
BA129High voltage low leakage 23Fairchild
BAT49  9
BTV28-150Schottky 33  3.5
BTW54  2PH
BYW80-200AFast recovery rectifierDO2203ST200835nS recovery
BYW98-100Fast recovery rectifierDO201AD6ST100335nS recovery
BYX10  43 800360mA
BYX42 300  31
BYX22/400  5 4001.4
BZW70-62Transient suppressor 9PH
BZX80C12Zener 4PH12
GB47/ZZener 21IR13 Measured voltage (see note)
GI751RectifierDO14 1006A22A with suitable mounting
HS1109High speed computer diode 24Hughes5040mA
KBPC3506Bridge rectifierMB-251?60035A
KBS01Bridge rectifier 3GE
THY 500-12Thyristor 6RS
W005Bridge rectifier 20GE501.5A
Z3B 7.5Zener 9Semitron7.5
OA90Ge diode Many 2010mA
OA91Ge diodeDO7Many 9050mA
I have a tester to measure breakdown voltages of diodes, transistors etc. Contact me if you require any device tested.

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