Silicon Bipolar Small Signal Transistors for sale

This list is currently being populated so is far from complete.

Prices of these devices are negotiable so make an offer. Please use the contact button at top.

Specifications where quoted are for guidance only: full specifications for most transistors can be obtained by a www search.

NumberNPN/PNPPackageQty availableManufacturerVcoIc (cont)Notes
2N4062PNPTO9216TI30300mA max
BC461PNPTO3920RS602A peak
(B)SR51NPN DarlingtonTO9253PH801A max
ME3001NPNTO18P39Micro Electronics30100mAHF transistor Ft 600MHz
ME4101NPNTO18P94Micro Electronics6030mA
ME6101NPNTO18P25Micro Electronics70
ME6102NPNTO18P16Micro Electronics60
ME8003NPNTO3P83Micro Electronics80800mA
MPS-A43NPN high voltageTO928 + 13Motorola200500mA13 are ex equipment
MPS-A65PNP DarlngtonTO929Micro Electronics30300mA
MPS-A92PNP high voltageTO925 300500mA
MPS-A93PNP high voltageTO922 + 2Motorola200500mA2 are ex equipment
ZTX382NON low noiseE-line30Zetex50100mA
I have a tester to measure breakdown voltages of diodes, transistors etc. Contact me if you require any device tested. Modern transistors often have a breakdown voltage far in excess of that specified on paper.

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