Various ICs for sale

This list is currently being populated so is far from complete.

Prices of these devices are negotiable, so make an offer. Please use the contact button at top.

This is a lost of assorted ICs - which I have not yet identified or sorted into their proper pages. Some will be rarities and hard to find.

Many will be early memory and other computer ICs, nowadays unobtainable!

PrefixIC noOther marksPackageQuantity availableManufacturerComments
 A1-2539-58415DIL 143Harris
µPD 2114LC-1HO4010-014DIL 1818NEC Japan
µPD 2114LDR1X226-131DIL 1815NEC Japan
HM4816AP-12A0005NNDIL 184Hitachi
HM4864AP-12X000599DIL 168Hitachi
HM50256P-15U1005RTDIL 1620Hitachi
S 337-AIMS 2620P-15DIL 186Inmos
MK4564N-258333DIL 1622Mostek
MV10124PK8434DIL 1624Motorola
MC10125PK8426DIL 163Motorola
MM2114N-L7017CDIL 1850National
N825147N K8412DIL 2014S
TMS4416-15KLBP8401DIL 1812Texas

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