Legacy computers and bits

This list is currently being populated so is far from complete. Contact me if you are interested or want more details.
Acorn Pocket Book II with user guide
This is a working device. The Pocket Book was a re-badged Psion Organiser with additional software.
Acorn Atom computer
This was the first Acorn computer, so a pre-decessor to the BBC microcomputer. This os probably working but has not been used for many years and is missing part of its case and a couple of key-tops. I also have th instructions "Atomic Theory and Practise".
Acorn Electron
This was a smaller computer, also before the BBC micro. After the Atom and Electron would have come the Acorn Proton, which was part designed when Acorn won the BBC contract to it was re-named as the BBC Micro.
Acorn Archimedes 410
An early Achimedes computer, which later became the RISC PC.

I have various ancillaries for these machines, please contact me if interested. Also much software, see the software page

I also have available many legacy copmputer books:

User GuideAcorn
Welcome GuideAcorn
Reference Manual, Part 1Acorn
Reference Manual, Part 2Acorn
Master 512 User GuideAcorn
Master 512 Applications compatibility and Software ListAcorn
View, A Dabhand GuideBruce Smith
Master Operating SystemDavid Atherton
30 Hour BasicClive Prigmore
Starting Forth (Language)Richard De Grandis-Harrison
Atomic Theory and PractiseAcornManual for Acorn Electron
Pocket Book II User GuideAcorn

Prices of these devices and books are negotiable. Please use the contact button at top.

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