JFETs for sale

JFETs are probably most useful as voltage controlled resistors. They may be used in audio circuits, for instance, to control the gain.

Prices of these devices are negotiable so make an offer. Please use the contact button at top.

NumberN or P chPackageQty availableManufacturerVceVGS(off) maxIdss (drain current) mANotes
2N3819N channelTO3P14MicroElectronics?25-8
2N3819N channelTO923Texas Instruments25-8
2N4221AN channelTO189Motorola30-615Symmetrical. Amp & Switching
2N4859N channelTO182Texas Instruments30-1050Symmetrical. Switching
2N5459N channelTO92165Motorola25-810symmetrical
BF 244 BN channelTO9215Texas Instruments30-810short leads
BF 244 BN channelTO9227Texas Instruments30-810
BF 244 BN channelTO18P5 30-810
BF 245 AN channelTO926Siliconix30-86.5
BF 256N channelTO9236Texas Instruments30-810short leads. RF (VHF/UHF) amp
J177P channelTO9238+2Siliconix302.25

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