Varios photo-transistors, photo-diodes, light dependant resistors etc.

Prices of these devices are negotiable so make an offer. Please use the contact button at top.

Specifications where quoted are for guidance only: full specifications for most devices can be obtained by a www search.

Device No FunctionQtyManufacturerDark resistanceLight resistanceComments
4N32DIL 6Optocoupler1Harris
4N35DIL 6Optocoupler9Fch/Harris
CLM6000 Opto Coupler2   Short leads
CLM6500 Opto Coupler1
CNY 17DIL 6Opto Coupler4Harris
GPA1A07 Slotted Opto2Sharp
2-4220 Photodiode1HP
KPW100 Photo Transistor1   3 leads
L14G1 Photo Transistor
TDET500C Phototransistor6   2 lead device
CLP5P5 Light dependant resistor
NSL444 Light dependant resistor1 >10M<1KResistance measured
ORP12 Light dependant resistor4Mullard/Philips  Short leads
RPY58 Light dependant resistor14   SOLD
TLMP7005 LED Red Ultrabright

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