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Microphone Cable

Blue, low noise, professional quality, balanced microphone cable. Twin with a shield wire. Then there is a conductive plastic shield and finally a blue insulating casing. Full technical specification: RS part number was 368-665

3 pieces available

4.6 metres 250 gm£4.00
5.2 metres 260 bg£4.50
24.8 metres1.4Kg£20.00

Or 0.75 pence per metre. Or offers for the lot!
All plus postage.

Nine core multicore, Unscreened. 9 x 7/01

9 core multicore. 9 off 7x.01
9 core multicore. 9 off 7x.01
Nine core unscreened. Each core 7 strands 0.01mm - approx. 0.22mm csa.
One unused 25m reel (12.00£).
One half used reel (6.00£).
Or 60 pence per metre.
Postage extra. RS part number and specification 362-673

4 core 16/0.2mm Multicore, unscreened

4 core multicore
4 core multicore
Def 16-2-4A standard, unscreened Farnell equivalent part number 2440121 Farnell price over £50.00 + VAT per reel.
£35.00 plus carriage for the reel or 40 pence per metre, plus postage.

35mm sq welding cable

35 mm sq welding cable
35 mm sq welding cable
Good quality welding cable.
Diameter: 15mm approx.
Weight: 470gm/metre approx.
£3.00 per metre
All plus carriage. Discount for larger lengths. Full reel was 50m, less than 10m have ben uesd.
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First published: Wednesday the 7th of February, 2018
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