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How To link to Photos on

All photographs on this site are property of and copyright by Richard Torrens. However you can use them in your own www site by linking to them. Here's how:

Most of the photos on this site exist as the original full-sized photos which are generally too large use in a www page. They are processed by a script to display a resized thumbnail or www page image. You may only use these photos in your www site by linking to this script.

Please do not duplicate photos on this site for your own www site. If you wish to do this, use the contact button at top.

If you are using any of these photos in any way, please quote their source page! And please let me know so I can link back to your site as appropriate.

This applies to the photos in the following directories:

For links to other photos, please ues the contact button at top.

This is how you can call the script to display the photo. I will illustrate with one photo - 73_BmthUCliffe.jpeg - in the directory

You can read the image name (and path) by clicking on the thumbnail which you want to reproduce. This will open the larger view with the URL, which in this case is:

Show a thumbnail

This link will reproduce a thumbnail of the photo:;height=120

Notice the ;height=120 in the above: this allow you to scale the thumbnail to whatever size you wish, thus;height=200

Link to the page showing the main image:

If you call the photo with no height specified, then it wil be dispensed with the deault height of 720 - right for full size image display on the www:
this will take your visitor to the page on displaying the full-size www photo.

Link to the main photo only
This will display the www sized image in your own www page.

Link to full size photo.

You can link to the full sized photo without calling the resizing script:
However this is not recommended as the full size photos are larger than any likely computer screen, so these are really only for reproduction not on a www page.

Show a thumbnail with a link to the www site page

The following code will display a thumbnail which is clicked will link to the main image, thus:

<a target="_blank" href=""><img src=";height=120" /></a>

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