PipeDream is an extremely versatile spreadsheet/database/word processor combination. It is programmable, so can be used for a wide variety of work. Here are some of the things I have done with it.

Business system

I started working for myself designing, manufacturing and selling motor speed controllers trading as 4QD in 1991. The entire business was run using PipeDream, for stock and inventory control, ordering, bill-of-materials, sales system, picking list, invoicing, statementing, label printing. The business was sold late 2014 to 4QD Ltd - the www site was originally written by myself but has now been changed.

I still have the whole of the PipeDream system. It's quick and does almost everything with minimal human work. I could write parts of it up here - ask!

WWW Site Booking system

We used to let out a holiday cottage in the Forest of Dean. I have written up how the whole booking system was programmed in PipeDream. This is nice because PipeDream will load any type of file, write to it, and save it as the original file type. So you can write to an html file. In this case the file, although actually html, is called +this.inc and is Server Side Included (SSI) in the main file, so only the booking table is updated.


Some text notes on how we set our network so files could be run from any computer on it. This a text file - in preparation, so please ask about it as you need.

!Thump Photo thumbnailer & index

!Thump is an excellent photo indexer, thumbnailer and viewer. But it's a bit tedious typing in captions to !Thump itself. So I keep the full index in Pipedream and have a custom function sheet which writes out data from PipeDream to the !Thump index. Please use the Contact button if you are interested.

StrongED Instructions index

Writing instructions for such a ful-featued editor as StrongED is no use unless the reader can find things, so there is a comprehensive index, initially in PipeDream then written to a table by a command file. All these items are on line in the StrongED instructions. Ask if you want more details.

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