Open Vector - control Key assignment

This page refers to OpenVector which is an enhancement of the original !Vector program. Some of the keys are not available in the original Vector.

Vector has five modes. The control keys behave differently in these modes as indicated by the letters in brackets (TeL). In each case, UPPER case indicates the key works in the modes indicated, lower case means the key does not work in that mode

  1. S - s - Select mode. Used for selecting and moving objects. This is really the default mode.
  2. E - e - Edit mode. Used for line and text editing
  3. T - t - Text mode: used for entering text
  4. L - l - Library mode. Used for adding Library items to a drawing.
  5. C - c - Create mode. Used fo creating new items, but is in practise generally equivalent to Edit mode.
  6. (all) - works in all modes.

Note that some of the keys work in text mode, some not: this is difficult to portray accurately on the chart!

  Plain Shift Ctrl Ctrl-Shift
f1 status on/off      
f2 tools on/off   Close window (all)  
f3 Save (t) export (t) export sprites (t)  
f4     export text area (t)  
f5 edit mode (t) layers (all) create dashes (all)  
f6 select mode (t) retrieve library rulers (all)  
f7 mask (t) skeleton page size (all)  
f8 interpolate (t) replicate radiate (t)  
f9   create text Ellipse  
f10 create open line (all) bezier curve (all) Box  
f11 create move closed/open Polygon  
A     select All Arc
B     object to Back 4-point
C     Copy selection text Colour
D     Distribute  
E     unlock selection  
F     object to Front Fill/overlay
G     Group selection snap to Grid
H     lock selection  
I     store in Library  
J     align selection cap/Join/winding
K     space/pack selection text layout
L     change Layer Line/outline
N     iNvert selection  
O     constraints On/Off Order selection
P     show rulers size/Position
R     Rotate/skew Reverse path (S)
S     Scale/transform text Size
T     show palette Text Font
U     Ungroup selection  
    Delete line  
V     reVerse selection oVerlay width
W     show Library line Width
X     delete selection bounding box
Y     zoom  
Z     Clear selection  
1       Create arc
6     Scale to fit window  
Page up enlarge      
Page down reduce      
Home Full view      
Space Toggle mode      
Delete Delete left      
Delete selection      
Insert Undo last deletion      
Copy Copy selection      
Delete right      
Return finish      
Print Print Setup    
left arrow     move to start of line  
right arrow     move to end of line  

A Vector file of the original Key Strip is available in a zip archive.

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