Many years ago, RISC OS only had !Draw. A programmer, Jonathan Marten liked the idea but found it lacking much that he wanted to do: he is an engineer (as well as a programmer) and found it lacking in engineering ability. So he wrote an improved version of Draw and called it DrawPlus. It was (and still is) !Draw with bells and whistles.

Then the company 4Mation contacted J.M. and asked him to do an improved package for commercial sale: that package was !Vector - DrawPlus with more rosettes and flags.

As Risc OS declined, !Vector was released into the public domain. Now Christopher Martin has taken it over - and it introducing yet more improvements!

You can get the latest version of OpenVector from Chris Martin's www site, where he also has OpenGridPro and DrawPlus, all of which he maintains.

It should be clear from the above that, if you use !Draw at all there really is no reason why you should not use !OpenVector in its place.

Vector Tutorials

Vector examples

These are some examples of the sort of things that can be done in !Vector. I have many more!
All are .zip archives, to preserve the file type information (VecFile, C56).

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