p.1. Front cover

p.2. Contents

p.3. Introduction

p.4. Complete systems

p.5. Record player plinth wiring

p.6. Stereo tuner and Project 805

p.7. Project 805 layout

p.8. Project 805 and Additional information

p.9. Additional information on systems

p.10. Positioning and use of differnt modules

p.11. Alterations and additions to basic layout

p.12. Fault finding

p.13. Individual modules: Tuner & decoder

p.14. Tuner

p.15. Decoder

p.16. Use with different tuners

p.17. Control modules: P80 preamp

p.18. P80 preamp

p.19. P80 active filter unit

p.20. Use with amplifiers other than Project 80

p.21. power supplie, speakers, power and heating

p.22. Z40 circuit

p.23. Z60 circuit & Z40 description

p.24. Z60 description

p.25. Z60s in full-bridge

p.26. Z60s in full-bridge

p.27. PZ5 and PZ6

p.28. PZ8

p.29. PZ8 circuit and layout

p.30. Masterlink. Project 80 service & guarantee

p.31. Project 80 mounting templates