Sinclair Technical Information Sheets

Sinclair's service department was also responsibe for answering technical enquries. When you are selling to a home-constructor market, it soon happens that the same questions get asked many times. So we had a series of Technical Information Sheets to answer these standard questions.

I still have copies of some of these sheets as listed below. Please ask if you need details.

MA 1-41-1System 3000 Component Layout
MA 1-42-1System 3000 Copper Layout
MA 1-43-1System 3000/2000 Mark II amplifier circuit differences.Issued June 1971.
MA 1-43-1System 3000/2000 Mark II amplifier circuit differences.Issued September 1071
MB 1-40-1System 2000 Mk II Circuit Diagram
MF 1-31-1System 3000 & 2000 Mark II Position of extra capacitors for removal of Radio Interference1st April 1972
MG 1-40-1Neoteric 60 circuit diagram
Neoteric 60 circuit diagramhas been redrawn
MG 1-41-1Neoteric 60 Component layout22 April 1971
Neoteric 60 layout is available here.
MG 1-49-1Service Routine for Neoteric 60August 1973
This has been transcribed.
MM 1-31-1System 2000 amplifier - modification to early model.
MM 1-43-1System 2000 amplifier - Transistor Equivalents.
MM 1-40-1ASystem 2000 amplifier - Mark 1A circuit
MM 1-40-1BSystem 2000 amplifier - Mark 1B circuit
MM 6-41-1ASystem 2000 amplifier - Mark 1A Component LayoutAugust 1971
MM 6-42System 2000 amplifier - Mark 1A Copper layoutAugust 1971
MM 1-42-1BSystem 2000 amplifier - Mark 1B Copper layout
MM 1-41-1BSystem 2000 amplifier - Mark 1B Component layoutAugust 1971
M 3.1System 2000 amplifier - Transistor Equivalents
NF 1-33-1Project 60, systems 2000 and 3000 tuners: Dial drive modification
MK1-41-1Micromatic Component Layout1972
TU 9-30-1Z50 - Failure mechanism and modificationNovember 1971
TU 1-43-1Z30 Transistor Equivalents
TU 1-48-1Z50 Mk II Performance curves
TU 1-80-1Z30 & Z50 Notes on additional capacitor and omission of capacitorJanuary 1972
TW 6-30-1PZ6: circuit modification
TN 4-49-2Project 60 Tuner: Service, Test and AlignmentNovember 1971
TN 1-49-3Project 60 Tuner: Further hints and informationJanuary 1972

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