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I joined Sinclair Radionics in October 1964 and stayed there until April 1975. That was some 52 years ago - this is then a partial list of some of the people that were there while I was.

Names on a green background are those with whom I have been in contact. Some names I do not properly remember. There are many people I have missed out - apologies for that but if you can help fill in the gaps, please contact me.

NameBirthJoined Left
Anchor House, 22 Duncan Terrace
Jim Westwood Sept 1963
Clive's first engineer, remained with Clive Sinclair for many years. Last known was working for ARM Ltd. Jim Westwood has a Wikipedia entry and a page on the Register.
Clive's first secretary
Richard Torrens 11 Nov 1943 October 1964 April 1975
See my mini-biography. I founded 4QD Ltd. and wrote
Martin Wilcox Feb 1965 1973
With Wes Ruggles founded Tate Audio in USA
Comberton village hall July 1964
Nigel & Audrey Kember Dec 1962 (CCL - Histon Road)
Glenys ?
22 Newmarket Road 28 Jan 1966
Chris Curry 28 Jan 1946 April 1966 1979
Founded Acorn Computers Ltd, in 1979, which in turn spawned ARM Ltd
Lindsey Lloyd April 1966
Chris Curry says "He worked for an electrical maintenance firm for many years and moved to Leicester where he married a Swedish girl and became a very respectable family man who at one time took up God seriously, Later he moved to Scandinavia and the last time I saw him he was back in England in Norfolk. We attended together the funeral of a mutual friend Sammy Singh four years ago and he gave me his phone number but though it appears to ring, No message or call has ever elicited an answer. We suspect he is no longer with us as he had had several heart operations by then."
Wesley Ruggles, Jr. September 1967 December 1971
With Martin Wilcox founded Tate Audio
Keith Ivor Pauley May 1947 1967?
Founded Thandar Electronics (1989) and is now Thurlby-Thandar production director
John Thurlby Nichols June 1947 1968?
Formed Thurlby Electronics which amalgamated with Thandar to become Thurlby-Thandar Ltd
71 Fitzroy Street
Josie Fairbairns was my secretary
Stella Field Manageress
Simon Shingles Service engineer Moved with us to St. Ives
Ian Sharpe Trainee service engineer during school holidays, repairing Project 60, testing IC10 etc
Enderby's Mill
Dave Park Summer 1969
Norman Eighteen
Bob Bayham 1983
Sales manager, later director. Joined Acorn computers in 1983.
Olivia ?
Bob Bayham's secretary
Michael Pye
Brian Flint Jan 1971 1981 (Sinclair Research)
Read his interview and watch his YouTube talk
Adrian Espin 1972 1978
Started Number One Systems Ltd. Now runs Eastern Yachts. He says
"I enjoyed working for Sinclair from 1972 (I remember being the 48th or 49th employee!) through to 1978. I worked for around a year on a one-chip six-digit calculator design. Clive got cold feet on it and others started to come out with 8 digits! I then transferred to the mini TV program. Bit of a bugger really as I left Texas Instruments to get away from TV work!"
John Brown
John Pemberton
Richard Monk
Russ McAnulla 1972 1978
Russ says: "I was Sinclair's first Marketing manager, brought on board for the launch of the pocket calculator in 1972. I did this for about 12 months, then became general manager of the HiFi division, until I left towards the end of 1974 to go to Malawi to be the MD of the "Nzeru Radio Company". After a couple of years out there I recruited Richard Howes around 1977 to join me on the technical side. I left there in 1978 and took a variety of CEO positions in companies such as GEC, both in the UK and Zimbabwe, until I set up on my own in the late 80's as a design consultant. I still run my own company, Sheldon Reed Inspectors, specialising in energy conservation consultancy."
Russ also has a hobby site In Venue Recording.
Tony Rogers
Nigel Penton Tilbury 1979?
Formed Tangerine Computer Systems with Dr Paul Johnson and Mark Rainer
Service department
Coralie Oakey
was my secretary.
Mark Plews
Pamela Carter
Rosemary Belcher
Edie Dines
Mark (George) Rainer 1979?
Formed Tangerine Computer Systems with Dr Paul Johnson and Nigel Tilbury.
Became a Huntingdonshire District Councillor in 2001.
Rick Howes
Employed to answer customer technical enquiries. Was of Howes Cycles of Cambridge which closed 2013. Rick left Sinclair to work for Russ McAnulla.

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